Manuel Madeira

PhD student in Artificial Intelligence at EPFL


I am a PhD student at LTS4, at EPFL (Switzerland), under the supervision of Pascal Frossard and Dorina Thanou. My research lies in the intersection of generative modeling and graph deep learning. I am also interested in leveraging these methods to trigger scientific breakthroughs, especially within the biomedical field.

Apart from Academia, I am also a proud co-organizer of Deep Learning Sessions Portugal. We are a volunteer group whose goal is to promote the AI literacy and the collaboration among its practitioners in Portugal.

Before starting my PhD, I was a Machine Learning researcher at Inductiva Research Labs, where I worked on Physics-Informed Neural Networks for heat diffusion and coastal dynamics.

Prior to that, I completed my BSc and MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. I was also a visiting student at Tsinghua University. For my MSc thesis, I worked on variance reduction for Stochastic Convex Optimization with Renato Negrinho, Pedro Aguiar, and João Xavier.

In my spare time, I am really into sports! Back in Portugal, I used to play football at a competitive level. You can check my (Portuguese) football player page here and a young Manuel playing here (8 in red and black stripes). I do also enjoy great books and movies.

For a complete list of publications, check my Google Scholar page.

Selected Publications

  1. tls_preview.png
    Tertiary Lymphoid Structures Generation through Graph-based Diffusion
    Manuel Madeira, Dorina Thanou, and Pascal Frossard
    GRAIL Workshop, MICCAI, 2023
  2. coco_preview.png
    COCO Denoiser: Using Co-Coercivity for Variance Reduction in Stochastic Convex Optimization
    Manuel Manuel, Renato Negrinho, João Xavier, and 1 more author
    OPT2021 Workshop, NeurIPS, 2021